Our Three Key Takeaways From Xerocon Melbourne 2017

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And just like that, it’s over.

After 48 hours of glorious sharing and networking, the curtains have come down on Xerocon Melbourne 2017. The TSheets team left the MCEC feeling refuelled and ready to put our new-gained knowledge to use.

So in the spirit of giving, here are our top three takeaways from this year’s event.


1. Artificial Intelligence: Technology is here to help

AI has set off fiery debates, mainly from the perceived threat it will render humans useless in the near future. When Xero co-founder Rod Drury unveiled the variety of new products integrating artificial intelligence with accounting practices of yore, he made sure the audience was clear how A.I. will always only complement human effort, not replace it.

“We’ve made that decision strategically. And hopefully, you see in everything we do is about building the accounting industry, not tearing it down. It makes so much more sense to take everyone on the AI and machine-learning journey with us.”

— Rod Drury, CEO & Co-founder, Xero

So as technology providers continue to push out new generations of smart tools, know that they are designed to make you even better at what you do. It’s the golden age of accounting, and the best is yet to come. Enjoy it.


2. Business Without Boundaries: It’s a small world after all

To not make use of global platforms available at your business’ disposal is hindering growth and limiting opportunities. Australia’s small business economy must look offshore, just as the influx of foreign businesses are coming in. “It’s no longer about selling to just your village, town or state,” said New Zealand Country Manager Craig Hudson. And he is blooming bang-on.

It turns out there are plenty of benefits in just being Australian-made. A study by Deakin University shows how businesses that utilise their Australian identity as a competitive edge in China has found success, and the industries range from the food industry to financial and arbitration services. So show off your Straya pride.

“Globalisation is about speed. To win, you must act fast. The innovation clock is accelerating and making the world a smaller place. The sun will eventually set on domestic software providers. We must go Big Bang!”

— Spiro Pissas, AU Country Manager, TSheets


3. It’s About the People: There is no product without them

From having the right partnerships, to have a winning company culture, these are all prime examples of why machinery will never surpass the human effort. Accountants and bookkeepers are the most trusted advisors in the small business sector. They are the problem solver, inspiration and friend-in-need their clients look up to come a gutser. So it’s only right for us to pay homage to this valuable resource.

And TSheets definitely felt the love reciprocated from the 3,000 attendees representing 19 countries. To hear from the those who use our solutions every day and loving it,  we are both humbled and honoured.

Nor were we the only one to notice.

Let’s not forget the swag and cash.

We can’t wait to see everyone in 2018!

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