A New Kind of Timesheet for Tradies

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Calling all Sparkies, Chippies, Brickies and Truckies! There’s an easier way to track your time!

As technology evolves, the way we do business evolves too.

But while all tradies have moved to smartphones and mobile devices such as laptops and tablets, some are still relying on archaic paper timesheets to keep track of paying their employees.

This is despite the fact that paper timesheets are riddled with problems. Workers forget to keep track of their start and finish times until the end of the day, or fail to complete their daily entries. Incorrect data leads to payroll errors such as overpayments or incorrect overtime payments. Any mistakes can take weeks to rectify, in turn making your business less productive.

What’s more, the manual logging of data can lead to other inefficiencies. Contractors are unable to see where each project is at in real-time – in job costs or labour hours. But there’s now a better way of doing business.

What Tech-Savvy Tradies Are Doing

Tech-savvy tradies are tapping into TSheets – mobile timesheets technology – to transform the way they manage their business.

This simple and sophisticated software solution enables employees to clock in and out on their mobile device or laptop as they arrive or leave each work site. Employees no longer have to turn in paper forms or return to the office just to clock off. They can do this anywhere thanks to this innovative platform – either using the app on their smartphone, by sending a text message or a tweet, or by logging in and out from their laptop.

Mistakes on paper timesheets need to be corrected but you never really know who is making those changes. But TSheets boasts a simple trackable process where an internal log tells you who has changed a start or end time and exactly when they did it.

TSheets also features a time tracker tool with GPS tracking for smart phones. This enables employers to easily check in on their workers, verifying that their employees are on a particular job site when they’re on the clock. Through the time tracker, employers can also view employee hours by each project or customer. Better still, the information is instantly available.

Efficiency Delivers Better Results

The TSheets mobile solution not only removes the headaches associated with paperwork, it improves operations. Accurate and immediately accessible digital data on employee hours spent on each job improves efficiency and reduces the time-wasting involved in managing cumbersome paper timesheets and working to correct timesheet errors.

The TSheets application increases the amount of information you have about how your business is performing in real-time – right at your fingertips. You can view how a specific job is tracking against the quoted cost and also identify any bottlenecks, which can be quickly addressed, saving time and costs in the long run.

Opting for digital over manual processes is the key to improving the way you manage your workers and jobs. Having access to all the data is imperative when it comes to costing and estimating future jobs. We all know knowledge is power. The success of your business depends on it.