Your Time Tracking Data is Safe with TSheets

Software is written with security principles in mind to prevent XRF, CSRF, SQL injection and other common attacks.


Your data is available when you need it.

We have architected our software so that you can always track time when you need to, meaning we are never down when you need us.

TSheets performs daily backups with 99.99+% uptime. Our databases are in multiple locations throughout the United States, and changes are replicated in real time between these locations, using an encrypted link. This means that even if an entire data center goes offline due to a natural disaster, your service continues uninterrupted.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously.

We will not disclose any personally identifiable information about you or your organization to any other entity except as required to do business. All information you submit is stored on servers that have strict access controls to prevent unauthorized access. TSheets operates within the jurisdiction of the United States of America. Read more in our privacy policy.

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