4 Surprising Ways to Save Time With TSheets

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Stop making today’s priority tomorrow’s burden

Are you a productive person? Or do you fancy yourself a futuristic Garfield, surrounded by gadgets, tweeting out every excuse not to get up from your floating magnetic bed?

(Yeah, floating magnetic beds are a thing. Google it next time you have something really important to do.)

It’s not shocking that most of us put off important tasks until later.

But how some of us spend those precious moments, instead of doing what we should be doing, is what’s truly interesting.

TSheets recently conducted a survey of 1,000 American adults to glean some insight into the many ways they avoid doing the things they should be doing.

Of course, not everyone would admit to procrastinating outright, but let’s look at what our friends in the US had to say.

Our survey found 11% of those American respondents ‘never’ put off an important task until the next day. Those are the people who always meet deadlines, never miss a car payment, and visit their dentist exactly every six months. Bravo to that 11%!

But believe it or not, there was an even more impressive statistic in our findings: 39% of respondents admitted to putting off important tasks a few times per month.

So, what were they doing instead of that important task they had every intention of accomplishing? While we did get a few comedic respondents say ‘participating in surveys’ was one way they wasted time, for the most part, the usual culprits were to blame. We’re talking, of course, about TV or movies, internet browsing and social media.

Productivity in the digital age is the ultimate balancing act. So it’s no wonder people were split as to whether smartphones make them more productive (32% said they neither agree nor disagree with the statement). It seems for every advancement in technology meant to save time, there’s one created to waste it.

With so many ways to make today’s priority tomorrow’s burden, business owners are looking for more efficient ways to run their companies.

At TSheets, we’re happy to say that our cloud-based timesheet app is one piece of tech that really saves people time. Whether you’re staying productive in Australia or wasting time in America, here are a few of our favourite ways in which TSheets can pay you back in minutes, hours and dollar signs.

1. Save time with paperless timesheets.

Aww, remember paper timesheets? That hot mess of an administrative relic you’d deal with every pay period just to get employees their hard-earned dollars? Actually, many companies are still using them. And paper time cards are not only messy, they’re a waste of time. Sometimes illegible and often late or incorrect, but now we can get back all that time we wasted correcting paper timesheets.

TSheets allows your employees to clock in electronically via the web on any device, and time is kept electronically for easy review. Employee hours are tracked accurately too, saving you money where there was once room to massage the hours.

2. Your crew in check.

We found that 18% of American employees surveyed say their employer clocks them in at the job site. But having to clock in a crew of people one by one can take time. With the crew function in TSheets, managers can clock in groups of employees at once, on a job site, to save time. Used in conjunction with GPS employee tracking and the Who’s Working window to track where crews are working at any given time, mobile workforces can save time and money on the monotonous back-and-forth of organising their crews.

3. Save time on payroll.

TSheets syncs with your favourite payroll software to share hours with your accountant or accounting department seamlessly over the cloud. Manually entering time worked is a thing of the past using TSheets’ integration with payroll software platforms like Xero, Quickbooks Online and more.

4. Breezy reports.

Forget creating reports from incorrect data from traditional paper time cards. The detailed reports that TSheets creates for you saves hours on collection and interpretation of how employee time is broken out. With accurate reports, you can see hours worked by employee, by job code or even by more specific fields, like equipment used or job site location.

Striking the balance between loving technology and allowing it to work for you and save your company time is no easy task.

…But it’s also not a task you should put off another day. If you’re the type of person who admits to procrastinating a little bit here and there, why not offset your scrolling and browsing with technology that will actively save your business valuable time?

You got this, present-tense you.