Saving Money (and Time) with TSheets

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If there’s one mortal enemy of SMEs the world over, it’s time – or more precisely a lack thereof.
It’s hard to be a provider to many, a boss to some, a friend to a few and yet somehow still find the time to achieve all that is expected of you as the entrepreneurial leader of a thriving business.
Time is money and if there’s one thing you don’t want to be wasting money on, it’s your time keeping practices.

What Is TSheets?

TSheets is a cloud-based program that provides automated time tracking software to companies all around the globe, including Australia. Targeted primarily at SMEs, professionals whose livelihood is calculated by the hour as well as those with a mobile workforce, TSheets offers a computerised time management program that allows employers to keep an accurate record of how employees are spending their hours at work.

How Does It Work?

TSheets offers businesses seven different ways in which to track employees times, depending on requirements. The first is via smart phone with applications available for both Android and iPhone users. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, employees can easily clock in, clock out, change tasks and track GPS coordinates all in real time. A second application, dubbed The Crew App, allows users to efficiently group employees into teams and clock them in or out with one click. Recognising that texting can be an effective time tracking tools for some businesses, TSheets has developed software specifically for companies whose users don’t have smartphones by allowing employees to clock in or out, change job codes and even add notes using their mobile phone’s text messaging system. TSheets also allows users to track time using Twitter (targeted specifically at international users), dial in time tracking and PC touch screen applications.

How Flexible Is It?

TSheets users also have the option of selecting the time card best suited to their needs. Options include manual time cards, online punch time cards, and visual-oriented time entry cards with time slider. The TSheets system is extremely flexible and offers users the ability to enter multi-level job codes, custom fields and timesheet rounding showing only fractions of time. TSheets also performs a number of direct integrations with a range of software including Quickbooks, Square, Zen Payroll, Active Hours, Cougar Mountain and any other payroll system that accepts flat files.

How Secure Is It?

Security is a very high priority at TSheets with users requiring an SSL encrypted connection at all times. Data is stored in a cloud-based system with multiple servers to ensure users have access to their data any time it is required. Daily backups are also performed, so in the event of a disaster all data is safe and sound ready to be reinstated. The TSheets software allows custom permission levels and a unique username and password for each employee, which means that each administrator can customise access to their system.

What Does It Cost?

Whichever software package you choose, an automated time sheet programme will prove far more cost-efficient than employing the services of a book keeper or payroll staff. Prices start from just $10 per month for a single user through to around $500 per month for up to 99 users. Those that require software for more than 100 employees are encouraged to talk to their closest TSheets representative to find out more about TSheets’ Platinum Status account holders and receive a no-obligation tailor-made quote.