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Sync Your Timesheets to Reckon Accounts

Go from startup to success by eliminating manual timesheets.

Reckon is the accounting software of choice for 70 of the top 100 accounting firms in Australia. Pair that with TSheets' best-in-class timesheet apps, and watch your business become a number-crunching machine. Employees tap into go-anywhere time tracking on everything from a smartphone to desktop device. Managers then approve timesheets and sync info from TSheets to Reckon Accounts with the click of a button. It’s go time for record-breaking recordkeeping.

Track Time Against

Customers • Employees • Jobs • Service Items • Classes • Payroll Items • Suppliers

Real-Time Labour Costing

Use accurate-to-the-second time tracking to estimate projects with real-time labour expenses.

Labour is one of the top expenses for a business, so real-time insight into labour costs can mean all the difference when it comes to profit margins. With TSheets, employee hours are always at your fingertips, in accurate-to-the-second detail. Access easy to read reports from your TSheets account to keep tabs on project estimates, invoicing, payroll forecasting, and more.

"TSheets allows me to track labour costs more accurately, which helps improve my bottom line."

Lisa Rowe, Financial Solutions Contracting

Simple, Accurate Payroll

Save hours processing employee payroll.

Say goodbye to manual and duplicate entries. Not only is manual entry a drain on your time, but it can result in costly and time-intensive errors. TSheets’ seamless integration with Reckon eliminates the hassle of manual timesheets and duplicate data entry, saving you hours on payroll. Time tracking and payroll doesn’t get much easier than that.

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Seamless Integration with Reckon

Value billing is a choice, but time tracking is a necessity.

With one-click, you can export detailed, accurate, real-time timesheet data from TSheets into Reckon. Your employee hours are now logged to your Reckon employee timesheet and ready for payroll! Make billing, invoicing and payroll faster, easier, and more productive than ever with Reckon + TSheets.

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