‘Set and Forget’ With the Pay Rate Engine

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A versatile multiplier to calculate overtime, weekend and public holiday rates

You asked. We listened. Now meet the TSheets Pay Rate Engine.

With this feature, you can track:

  • Multiple rates per day.
  • Multiple rates by time of day.
  • Overtime rates by week or pay period.
  • Different pay rates for different days of the week.

The rules and conditions entered can be applied to individual employees, groups or the entire organisation, while employees continue to clock in and out as usual. But that’s not all.

You can also preset the dates and penalty rates for public holidays in advance, so the pay rule will automatically kick in when the time comes. Did we mention how this functionality is available to all our customers at no additional charge? Because it is.

And the terror that is manual payroll calculation and data entry? No more.

With the Pay Rate Engine, a beautifully categorised payroll report will greet you at the end of each pay period. Just download and export the information to your accounting or payroll software of choice, and payroll is done! It’s timesheets to payslips in mere minutes.

We know, it’s a beaut. We also know you’re keen for some of this goodness so turn it on today!


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