Still Using a Whiteboard? A Better Way to Create Schedules.

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The masterminds in TSheets’ software development team have seen even less sunlight than usual this year because they’ve been working on one of the biggest upgrades TSheets has ever made to its time tracking software.

It’s called TSheets Scheduling, and whiteboards everywhere are facing a lonely future, because with it, the weekly roster has just gone airborne. It’s available wherever your work takes you—straight from TSheets’ mobile app.

We figured it made sense, when you’ve got a system that already tells you what your team was working on today (and yesterday), to make it possible for you to plan what they’re going to be working on tomorrow as well. And that, in essence, is what TSheets Scheduling is all about: the complete picture of what everyone is doing, making it easier than ever to plan shifts, manage your resources, keep your customers happy, and ensure everyone’s on the same page.

TSheets Scheduling has been designed particularly with construction, retail, healthcare and service-based companies in mind but as IT expert Clayton Oates from QA Business explains, it could help many other kinds of businesses too.

“TSheets Scheduling is a great example of a technology solution enhancing business efficiency and performance,” he says, adding that accountants and bookkeepers are also likely to find the software useful.

“Accountants and bookkeepers need to keep a tight work schedule, just like any other business. But many of them underestimate the hours they will spend with each client, which can cost them money. The thing I like about TSheets Scheduling is that you can compare the hours you planned to work against how long you actually did. This process provides valuable insights to any business, particularly professional service firms that are transitioning to fixed and value based pricing models.”

Tim Hoopmann, CEO of Cornerstone Bookkeeping, already uses TSheets for time tracking and says he looks forward to incorporating the scheduling upgrade into his practice.

“I love coming across new technology that makes it easier to run a business,” he says. “TSheets is already saving us money on lost hours and better productivity so I’m excited to see what the new scheduling feature could do.”

One of the first companies to try out TSheets Scheduling is A1 Appliance in Queensland. Their team of technicians travel all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast to fix ovens, washing machines, driers, fridges and freezers. It’s essential work that takes good planning and a fast response.

“We’re using the scheduling feature to help us plan a rolling rotation of Saturday shifts and it’s been working really well,” explains Dan Power, who co-owns the business with Adam Martin.

Adams says it’s made his life a lot easier because he always knows who’s available to take a shift and that it’s easy to share the monthly roster with everyone in his team.

“I find the visual layout super helpful,” he says. “I can see exactly where the gaps are and easily rearrange labour to suit. It saves us time by centralising our schedule and making it easy for the whole team to access it. We no longer have to write notes on the whiteboard or remember that one of the team is away. It’s all there.”

“It’s very intuitive,” he adds, “and I really like having one system that has our timesheets and schedule in the same place. It’s made my job much simpler and easier to manage the workload.”

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