Mobile Time Cards for Construction, Tradies and Workers on the Move.

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Why Replace Manual Time Cards?

Reap savings on your gross payroll costs.

Logistics can be daunting for contractors with a mobile or seasonal workforce spread across multiple locations throughout the working day. Employee timesheets can be inaccurate, hard to read or can simply be lost.

From GPS tracking while employees are on the clock to job costing, reporting in real-time and saving hours on invoicing and payroll each week, TSheets is the new favourite power tool for tradies everywhere.

Mobile Time Cards

Eliminate the job site to office paper shuffle.

Let your employees clock in and out from the job site with the device they already have in their pockets. Our mobile tracking options suit iPhones and Android. Even if your employees are offline or out of service, TSheets accurately tracks time and automatically syncs when they’re back in service range.

More about mobile timesheets.

GPS Stamping

Accountability and safety.

Using TSheets apps for iPhone, Android or the Crew app, GPS location points are automatically attached to employee timesheets when they clock in or out, change job codes and more. Our GPS tracking even works on your Windows 8 phone.

GPS decoded - the benefits to employers and employees.

Time Card App for Teams

Clock the entire team in seconds.

Team supervisors can lose valuable time clocking employees in and out and when confirming who’s working where, especially when messy paper timesheets are involved. Using TSheets’ Crew app, supervisors are able to clock the entire team in or out in seconds and easily keep track of who is on the clock at any given time. No more inaccurate or inefficient time tracking at the job site.

Overtime Alerts

Proactively manage costly overtime.

Setting overtime alerts for your employees can help notify you or them, before expensive overtime begins. Choose to have alerts sent via email or Twitter to individual employees, groups or all your employees when they’re approaching daily or weekly limits. Not only will you save on time-and-a-half and double time, but your job costing accuracy will simplify the bidding process and secure profitable jobs.

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