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Why Replace Manual Time Cards?

2% average savings on gross payroll costs

For contractors and tradies with seasonal and mobile workers who work in multiple locations throughout the day, logistics can be daunting—and illegible or lost employee timesheets, the norm.

From GPS stamping while employees are clocked in and job costing and reporting in real time, to saving hours on invoicing and payroll each week, TSheets is the latest in construction timesheet software and the new favourite power tool for construction workers and tradies everywhere.

Mobile Timesheets

Eliminate the job site-to-office paper shuffle

Let your employees clock in and out from the job site with the devices they already have in their pockets. Yes, we have Android Andy, iPhone Ivan and Flip-Phone Frank covered with all our mobile timesheet options. Even offline or out of service, TSheets accurately tracks time and automatically syncs when back in service.

Mobile Timesheet Apps for Every Device

GPS Stamping

Promote accountability and safety on the job site

Using TSheets construction time clock app for iPhone or Android, GPS location points are automatically attached to employee timesheets when they clock in or out, change job codes and more. With TSheets, you’ll not only know who’s on the clock, but where they are on the job site—perfect for managing big projects or in the event of an emergency.

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Timesheets for Tradies

Clock in the entire team in seconds

Supervisors can lose valuable time clocking employees in and out and confirming who's working when messy paper time cards or time clocks are involved. Using TSheets' Crew function, supervisors are able to clock the entire team in (or out) in seconds and easily keep track of who is on the clock at any given time. No more inaccurate or inefficient timesheets at the job site.

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Replace That Old Bundy Clock With TSheets Time Clock Kiosk

A fast, easy way for workers to track time on site

TSheets offers an easy, cost-effective alternative to traditional bundy clocks on the job site. No expensive, bulky hardware or paper timesheets necessary! The Time Clock Kiosk works on any device with an internet connection, without the need for expensive or bulky hardware. Employees simply clock in with a four-digit PIN to track time against jobs, equipment, departments and more. And all time clocks come equipped with photo capture functionality to deter buddy punching and time theft. When employees clock in and out, the time clock snaps their photo for visual verification.

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Employee Scheduling Software

Scheduling that gets the job done

Assigning new jobs and keeping your crew members on the same page shouldn't be a daily chore. With TSheets Employee Scheduling, assigning new jobs—complete with correct job codes and notes—is as easy as a few clicks. Employees are sent mobile push or email notifications whenever new assignments or changes are made, and they can clock in to a new job right from their smartphones. You'll get a bird's eye view of where your workforce is at any given moment with GPS technology and the Who's Working window, and you'll receive alerts anytime an employee hasn't clocked in for a job as scheduled.

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Overtime Alerts

Proactively manage costly penalty rates

Even superheroes need a break.

Setting overtime alerts for your employees will notify you before expensive penalty rates accrue. Choose to have alerts sent via email or mobile push notifications to individual employees, groups or your entire crew when they’re approaching daily or weekly limits. Not only will you save on penalty rates, but your job costing accuracy will simplify the bidding process and secure profitable jobs.

Timesheets for Fair Work Compliance

Meet requirements and safeguard against audits

There are a lot of good reasons to comply with Fair Work. Not doing so could put your business at risk for massive fines (upwards of $54,000 per violation, to be exact). But this is where TSheets comes in. TSheets Manual Time Entry protects businesses with the timesheet management and reporting capabilities needed to comply with government regulations.

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Customer Love

“As a company that has employees and subcontractors working on site the majority of the time, I cannot tell you how invaluable TSheets is to us. We can now see where everyone is, how many hours a specific job has taken to date and if we are on track, as well as streamline hours approvals for both wages and invoices payable, all without taking up the valuable time of our director and project managers/leading hands. If that is not enough in itself, we also get second-to-none, direct support from the TSheets team!”
—Annie Redmond, 360 Interiors

“TSheets rocks! I have been looking for just a product. I have four employees and none of them are in a location more than one day at a time, but they all have phones. It has saved my bookkeepers an average of two hours a week on payroll.”
—Steve Dude, Shoreline, WA Via

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