Manage Employee Leave

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Overtime Alerts

Proactively manage employee overtime with alerts.

Setting overtime alerts for your employees can help notify you before expensive overtime begins. Choose to have overtime alerts sent to your employees as they approach overtime, or to managers and account administrators via email or Twitter.

Who’s Working Feature

Confirm who’s working, where and on what.

Easily see which employees are working, what they’re working on and how long they’ve been working on it – all in real time. It’s like a digital office in/out board viewable by anyone with permission.

Employee Permissions and Restriction

Customise how employees track and approve time.

Different employees may require different permissions. Sales staff might need permission to track time from a mobile device, while your warehouse manager needs permission to review and approve timesheets. Regardless of the role your employee plays within the business, permissions allow you to customise how they track time, what they can see on their dashboard, who they’re responsible for and more. Even restrict employees by location or device to manage the clock in and out process.


Track holiday accumulation and sick / carer's leave.

Authorise your employees to submit their own leave hours, and receive notifications when they do, or have administrators or managers do it for them. Easily add or use your own holiday or leave codes and track the accumulation.

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