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Stay connected when you’re on the go.

When your work takes you everywhere, it can be hard to keep on top of your diary. But with TSheets Scheduling, evenings and weekends can be yours again. Cut the time it takes to schedule jobs down to a few seconds. Just choose the day, time, and client, assign your employee(s), and that’s it! Find unassigned jobs at a glance. For longer-term projects, repeat last week’s job schedule with a single click, including any customised colour-coding you’ve added.

Meet Terra Dura Landscaping

Andrew Walsh runs Terra Dura Landscaping, a firm that specialises in low-impact landscaping known as xeriscaping. Before they started using TSheets to schedule their jobs, Andrew’s employees were all using their own calendars, which he says wasn’t intuitive or easy. “I couldn’t count on everyone following the schedule,” he explains. But now, with TSheets Scheduling, it’s easy for them to sync the schedule to whatever calendar app they use. It’s made a big difference to his business. “It’s an amazing solution.”

“I love that I don’t have to go to a separate platform to access the schedule or employee hours”


Terra Dura improves employee accountability with TSheets job scheduling software.

Cut the time it takes to schedule jobs down to a few seconds.

Save Time and Money

Turn leads into revenue and cut costs.

Stay ahead of the competition. The moment you assign a job, whoever’s scheduled to work on it gets an email and mobile alert straight to their phone—whether that’s you, an employee, or a whole team. When an urgent job comes in, you can send the time, location, client’s details and your notes to whoever needs them via the TSheets app. Not sure who to assign? Create the job and assign it later.

“Easy system that accurately logs hours to jobs. Really helpful in our construction company, since our employees often fly interstate.”

-Brendan Hughes, Expocentric

GPS employee tracking for your whole workforce.

A Real-Time Window on Your Workforce

Use GPS tracking for a lightning-fast response in emergencies.

When a client needs you right now, your TSheets time clock has the answer. Use the Who’s Working window to find out who’s available and where they are so you can get your nearest tradie out to them straight away. See at a glance where your entire team is—on a single map—to be the first to respond in an emergency. Just assign the job and everything the employee needs will appear on their phone.

Who’s Working | GPS Tracking

Employees receive notifications about their schedule via the TSheets job scheduling software.

Time Tracking and Scheduling In One

Keep everyone in sync with a single system.

Because it’s TSheets, you get time tracking and scheduling in a single powerful solution. Once a new roster is published or changed, or a new job is booked, every employee assigned to it gets a friendly reminder to clock in for their job and track their time—so you know how long each job takes. To clock in and out they simply tap their screen. No smartphone? No problem. Use the Crew App instead.

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