Introducing TSheets + Xero

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Xero In on Success with Beautiful Accounting + Time Tracking

Get ready to Xero out your paper timesheets. No, we haven’t misspelled a word … We’re officially announcing a global partnership and direct integration with Xero!

Xero offers beautiful accounting and payroll solutions with a simple, user-friendly interface and all the tools you need to keep your books in order. TSheets offers the #1-rated employee time tracking software that makes accounting and payroll accurate, easy, and best of all fast. And we’ve had heaps of accountants, bookkeepers, and customers request a direct integration between the two products. So, we listened!

It was a match made in accounting heaven.

Now, to Xero in on the benefits of running your business with TSheets + Xero:


For businesses using paper timesheets, it takes an average of five minutes to process just one employee’s timecard when payroll rolls around–which can add up to several hours of work every pay run.

With TSheets + Xero? That five minutes per timecard turns into about 60 seconds. Not to mention that with automated time tracking, businesses save 2-8% on gross payroll costs–and that includes the cost of time tracking!


How much time will it take you to run payroll now? Well, you could say almost … Xero.

And faster payroll isn’t the only perk of combining beautiful time tracking with beautiful accounting software.


With accurate hours flowing into your beautiful accounting software with just a click, the true beauty of Xero + TSheets unfolds.

If you’re like most businesses, labor costs are your #1 expense. Having an accurate-to-the-second read on those hours can make all the difference when it comes to identifying trends or problem areas quickly.

Copy of screenshot xero employee report

A few rounded timesheets or a few padded minutes might not sound like a big deal at first, but when you consider that the average employee pads their time by about 10 minutes per shift, you’re looking at the equivalent of a paid 6-week vacation per employee, each year. Those minutes add up–especially when they’re being inaccurately added to projects or clients. With Xero + TSheets, you’ll make better business decisions with more accurate insight and more accurate job costing.


Dashboard-US-DesktopWith a few hours of manual data entry and payroll processing time off your plate, you’ll have time to work on your business rather than in it–meaning more bigger picture ideas, and more profitability.

With accurate hours, you’ll also maximise billing time. The average TSheets client increases their billable hours by 20 percent–just by adding cloud-based time tracking. Think about what that could mean for your business’s bottom line.


Not only does Xero + TSheets make payroll and accounting a breeze–you’ll have fast, easy invoicing functionality at your fingertips as well. Simply track time in TSheets, then build an invoice right from the TSheets app (with labor hours already linked to customers!). Slice, dice, and edit time any way you choose, then access invoices from both TSheets and Xero.


Interested in giving TSheets + Xero a try? It’s free! You don’t even have to enter your credit card information.

But speaking of commitments, you should know this: At TSheets, we exist to help you succeed in business. Have a question? You’ll have access to free, local, unlimited customer support by email, or phone (if you want to know what that experience is like, just check out our reviews).

Why did we choose to partner with Xero? Not only do they offer beautiful accounting solutions–they do it with a smile and a focus on their customers’ success.

Give Xero + TSheets a try now.