Introducing SyncEzy for TSheets and simPRO

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SyncEzy TSheets simPRO time management

By Amelia Savor, Marketing Manager, SyncEzy


If you’re using simPRO to manage your jobs and need more flexibility with time tracking, you can now integrate simPRO with TSheets to create the ultimate job and time management engine. 

SyncEzy allows you to create jobs in simPRO as usual, with sections and cost centres. Then sync these jobs with TSheets, so your staff can clock their time against the relevant sections and cost centres quickly and easily from their smartphones or tablets.



Once employee time is approved, these times are synced back to simPRO and the simPRO schedule, so all your labour is accurately reflected in your job costings.

Here a just a few reasons you need TSheets to supercharge your simPRO functionality:


1. Automatic scheduling in simPRO

Save admin time wasted on re-entering and scheduling employees based on actual hours.  Automate scheduling and invoicing by auto-scheduling jobs in simPRO based on actual hours worked and approved in TSheets.


2. Job section and cost centre flexibility

TSheets allows time to be clocked into nested jobs within other jobs, which perfectly correspond to simPRO jobs, sections and cost centres. Unlike simPRO Connect, however, staff can clock in and out and switch between jobs, sections and cost centres easily and seamlessly on the fly, even if it’s a variation from their schedule. If one part of the job they have been scheduled to work on isn’t ready, they can work on something else and then go back to it.


3. Payroll integrations

Once times are clocked and approved, payday is effortless thanks to TSheets integrations with major payroll solutions. Not only is manual entry a drain on your bookkeepers’ time, it can result in its fair share of errors. By bypassing manual and often duplicate data entry, you can eliminate typos and enjoy accurate employee times, including paid time off, that transfer seamlessly to payroll in one easy click.


TSheets and SyncEzy save a whole day’s work

One SyncEzy customer, Eastern Services Group, told us TSheets and SyncEzy have saved both their project manager and payroll manager a whole day’s work each. Before switching to TSheets, the 25-member field staff would write out paper timesheets, photograph them with their phones and send them to the project manager who would go through each timesheet to approve the hours and manually enter all the times against jobs in simPRO. The payroll manager would then re-enter all of the times into Xero to process payroll. Now, this is all automatic—no more entering times into simPRO or Xero.

Once time is approved in TSheets, SyncEzy sends everything to simPRO with the click of a button, so all times are accurately reflected against every job, section and cost centre. That’s it! Hours are ready to be sent your software of choice to process payroll!


Accurate tracking equals accurate reporting

When you know exactly where your staff are spending their time and what parts of a job are overrun and delayed beyond budget or deadlines, you have complete job clarity. Job clarity equals business intelligence that can be reflected in your bottom line and your bank account.