How Do I Get My Employees to Track Time?

Part 1 of 2: From the Employers Point of View

It’s a long-standing battle: the timesheet versus the employee. The suspense hangs in the air. Will the employee remember to fill in the timesheet, and if so, how accurate will it be? Then, will the final timecard make it to the inbox before the payroll countdown? Only time will tell.

And that’s exactly the point. Time will tell – if you let it. Time tracking will tell a business what employees are working on – even where and when – while dramatically improving business efficiency and speeding up those paper trail heavy tasks, like invoicing and payroll. If you can only get employees to time track, right?

Here’s how to stop making time tracking such a battleground. Give employees options for how to use it, and reminders when it’s time to go. It’s easy to get incentivise employees with time tracking solutions like TSheets when they realise that ultimately, it will benefit them.

Easy to use anywhere, any way.

With time tracking, think beyond paper and punch clocks. Secure cloud-based technology like TSheets opens up so many options. Like GPS-enabled Android and iPhone apps that stamps time and also worksite locations. From a desktop widget to a mobile website, you can take time tracking with you, no matter where your employees are.

Every employee has their quicks. Mark only uses Mac. Don’t mess with Anna’s Android; that kind of thing. Getting employees on board with time tracking means matching a solution to what they already do every day, which gives them ownership, ease of use and flexibility.

Fully alerted, duly noted.

Have you ever wanted to be a little bird on your employee’s shoulder at key times in the work shift so they know what you’re up to and how hard you work? Now, with TSheets, time reporting and management is easy. You can set up automatic alerts that will automatically increase overall use on the frontlines and improve back-office accountability.

Also, employees can easily track time to specific job codes or clients, and even add notes. So everyone stays updated.

Get on board

TSheets offers a free two-week trial. Sign up now and see how time tracking can make better sense for your employees, and add real dollars to your bottom line. Our customer service team is there to make sure the set-up is easy for you.

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