Five Top Tools of the Mobile Workforce

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It’s a reflection of the times we live in that more and more employees are working remotely.

Offering this flexibility not only saves businesses money on office space and overtime or penalty labour costs, but also allows workers to achieve a better work/life balance.

But while a flexible office space may be good for staff, it can also be fraught with danger for those who employ them with communication and online access issues, security concerns and problems tracking staff movement potentially affecting productivity.

Below are some must-haves for workers looking for an easy transition from a fixed to a flexible working space.

Timesheet Software

Good timesheet software is a must-have for all employers seeking to offer the flexibility of a remote office space without risking a loss of productivity. Leaders in this field such as TSheets offer mobile time tracking which allows employees to track time from any locations, using any device, in real time. Effective time tracking software not only reduces the chances of employees wasting time but eliminates painful payroll processing, lessens the chances of inaccurate invoicing, helps provide more accurate forecasting and ensures even workload distribution.

Hand-Held Technology

Offering virtual access to everything from project management and client relationship management software to invoicing and expenses applications means your staff can work from anywhere unhindered.

Look at the best option for your business – though laptops, iPads and smart phones are affordable and efficient tools that should be put in the hands of all staff.

Also consider a bluetooth printer if required and mobile credit card facilities so workers can set up shop from any location.

Apps for Business

Making sure your staff have access to Skype or video conferencing tools on their iPad means they can virtually attend a meeting, making them far more efficient.

Email access is also paramount, while access to cloud computing for file sharing and accounts is a no brainer.

Stationery Has Its Place

Despite all the advances in modern technology, outages still occur. Power goes out, networks break down and equipment fails. Ensuring your mobile workforce still has access to stationery when working remotely, and the ability to access a digital diary by calling the office and asking someone else to check their next appointment time is paramount.

Business Cards

It may sound a little old-school in this digital age but having a business card with your company logo, the name of the staff member and their contact details is one of the easiest and most efficient ways for your mobile workforce to connect with future clients. While social networking sites such as LinkedIn clearly have their place, nothing beats a tangible business card to add a personal touch to connect with clients.