Facial Recognition Is Live!

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Let our technology tell your employees apart

There is no shame in saying you’re bad with names, especially if your business employs seasonal or temporary workers who come and go. But that doesn’t mean TSheets can’t help to make things easier for you and your team.

Our time clock kiosk had previously been equipped with photo capture and four-digit pin to identify individual employees clocking in and out. We’ve since upped our game, so you can enjoy facial recognition that does exactly what the name suggest: recognises your employees. Best of all, if photos and faces don’t match up TSheets will flag them for review. Plus, there’s no additional software or complex setup required.

It took us 250,000 selfies to get this right, so be sure enjoy all the benefits the feature offers. At the time of this blog post, we’re expected to have surpassed 800,000 photos taken. The current lifetime selfie average is 25,000. Now that’s dedication, or in the wise words of our web editor Skylar Barsanti, “We’ve taken more selfies than the average teenager!” Strewth!


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