What Our Customers are Saying

“When it’s time to pay the team, the approved hours are seamlessly exported to Xero payroll. Thanks to TSheets and Xero, payroll is effortless.” - Tim Hoopmann, Cornerstone Bookkeeping

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“I don't have to worry about chasing down lost timesheets or shuffling piles of paper on my desk.”

- Annie Newton, Tatura Bookkeeping Service

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Easy and Accurate!

"Easy system that accurately logs hours to jobs. Really helpful in our construction company, since our employees often fly interstate. Now they can time sheet without us there! All our guys have the hang of it, and it has made budgeting really easy!" -Brendan Hughes, Expocentric

“TSheets allows me to track labour costs more accurately, which can help me improve my bottom line.” - Lisa Rowe, Financial Solutions Contracting

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"Our accountant said using TSheets and Xero to run our payroll was flawless. It does it perfectly. First try, it worked." - Bob Rupholdt, Cooreman Properties

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Simply Brilliant

"I just wanted to thank Violetta for coming to Book Us Bookkeeping last week to help us set up what I can only say is the best app ever. The TSheets product is simply brilliant. And I mean it is simple and brilliant. Last week was our first week of using TSheets and I am proud to tell you it has helped increase our billings in excess of 20%. This means we have made an additional $1,500 in one week, which if extrapolated over a year is an extra $78,000. An extra $78,000 without doing anything differently! Best decision we have ever made."

-Graham Meredith
Book Us Bookkeeping

Everyone’s on the Same Page

"“The best thing about TSheets for me is how easy it is to use and that’s especially important for the employees. We customised a few things and they all took to it well. "

-Dan Power, A1 Appliance

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TSheets Is a No-Brainer.

"At Direct Management, we are always on the lookout for apps that can provide our clients with solutions to enhance their business productivity. TSheets is one of those apps. With a cloud-based app that's a direct sync to QBO it's a no-brainer. But it’s not only about timesheet entry – there are so many other great features, including GPS tracking. The support is great too – so you are never left on your own!"

-Diane Lucas
Direct Management

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