"Easy, Effective Labour Costing. I help my clients improve their bottom line, and having cost effective, easy-to-use tools helps me do it."

-Lisa Rowe, Financial Solutions Contracting, Mount Hawthorn WA

TSheets Is the Right Tool at the Right Price
for Labour Costing

Financial Solutions Contracting Saves Time and Money by Using TSheets for Simple, Accurate
Labour Costing

Lisa Rowe with Financial Solutions Contracting is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and TSheets PRO. As an Accountant and business advisor, Lisa helps her clients adopt the right tools for accurate, timely financials — resulting in savings directly to their bottom line.

Lisa uses QuickBooks Online(QBO) in her own practice and works with many clients who use QBO for on-the-go, secure access to their financials.

One QBO client in particular, a light industrial business with an entirely mobile workforce (no office location), needed an easy integration with QBO that could accurately capture their labour hours for job costing. Lisa knew the ideal solution would need to be easy to use, cost effective, and have a QBO integration for fast and seamless data syncing.

What she found was a highly recommended add-on to QBO that was easy to use and carried a quality reputation in the industry. TSheets, a mobile, GPS time tracker for labour costing and payroll, was the cost effective solution she was searching for, and it made perfect sense for her clients.

Lisa knew that for small and medium businesses in the AU, finding an affordable job costing solution can be difficult. Often the only solution for accurate and timely labour costing is a fully integrated package costing more than $10,000. With TSheets, Lisa discovered a cost-effective solution that provided accurate labour costing as well as other features her clients could benefit from as well.

From an administrative perspective, her client liked the ability to see the job and GPS location of where his employees were working — at any time — directly from his mobile device. With all nine employees in the field and no office location, using TSheets mobile apps and features such as the Who’s Working Window was just the mobile solution he needed.

Lisa is still exploring the many benefits of TSheets, but one thing she is sure of, is the value TSheets offers her clients: “TSheets is a simple and cost effective way to track labour costs for businesses. TSheets has the reputation, is relatively easy to use, and will directly improve a business’ bottom line.”

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