"I don't have to worry about chasing down lost timesheets or shuffling piles of paper on my desk."

-Annie Newton, Tatura Bookkeeping Service

5 Reasons This Dairy Farmer/Bookkeeper Loves TSheets!

Save Time, Promote Safety and Grow Your Business With Mobile Time Tracking

Annie Newton is a very busy lady. Between running two dairy farms in Victoria and running her own business, Tatura Bookkeeping Service, she hardly has time to think!

Fortunately for her, TSheets makes it easy to track employee hours, collect timesheets and run payroll — all without exerting too much brain power. Here's five big reasons Annie loves the #1 employee rated and requested time tracking system!

Why Annie Newton <3's TSheets

1. Saves time and money

"In the past," says Annie, "we would have to compare three or more job books to make sure we all had the same numbers and that everything matched up for invoicing." It was a huge waste of time for Annie and her workers, and it wasn't exactly an accurate system.

"TSheets makes collecting timesheets and running payroll so much easier!" She continues, "I don't have to worry about chasing down lost timesheets or shuffling piles of paper on my desk."

Best of all, TSheets is accurate-to-the-second, so her workers always get paid exactly what they're owed (no job books required). And because TSheets works even without mobile phone or internet service, she never has to worry about unrecorded employee hours—even out on the farm.

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2. GPS location tracking

"I can take a look at TSheets and make sure my workers have showed up," Annie says. "And that's been really helpful." The TSheets Who's Working window allows admins to see at a glance who's on the clock and where they're working.

But, even more importantly, it's become a handy health and safety tool for her team. "If one of my workers takes off on the tractor or on the four-wheeler and we can't contact them, we can look at TSheets, see where they are and make sure they're okay," she explains. That, more than anything else, is why Annie loves the GPS feature.

And her employees love it too. "We make sure to explain that we can't see a worker's location when they're not on the clock," Annie says. "And we don't want to!" The GPS location tracking adds an extra sense of security to those working out in the field—and Annie can rest easy knowing her employees are right where they're supposed to be.

3. It's incredibly easy

"We've got our entire staff on TSheets," Annie says. "Everyone is really happy with it, and they all find it really easy." Even those who initially resisted the technology have come to love it.

"For a lot of people around here, a phone is just a phone,” she explains. “They were hesitant to use the app. They said, 'It can't be that easy,' but I told them, 'It really is.’”

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4. It helped her grow her business

"Once we were happy with it on the farm," Annie says, "we took it to our other farm." For Annie, the thought of chasing down timesheets and running payroll between two farms was a total nightmare. But TSheets makes it possible for her to be in two places at once—virtually, at least.

Workers can track accurate time and submit timesheets anytime, anywhere—eliminating the need to track down physical timesheets or manually enter data.

"It's saved me a lot of time and a lot of heartache," says Annie. And it made it possible for her to manage two busy dairy farms with ease.

5. It makes her bookkeeping job easier—and referring clients is a total breeze

"I've got about ten clients that I do bookkeeping for, mostly hay contractors," Annie explains. And once she was happy using TSheets for herself, she was happy to refer her clients to the service as well.

"It was easy to refer TSheets, because my clients already knew I had been using (and loving) the software," she says. "I had already seen the many advantages of TSheets, and they trust my recommendations. 'If you reckon it's going to work,' they said, 'let's give it a go!’”

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