Get ready to attach photos to timesheets!

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Learn how visual record-keeping can empower employees, increase productivity and enhance remote management

“Ripper,” you say? We think so too. Coming to you hot like news of Spyro’s return on the Twittersphere, all TSheets users in ANZ can now attach pictures to timesheets. Designed to add another layer of crucial information and control to your business’s operations and win back seconds, minutes or even hours in your day, here are the top three reasons this feature can benefit you and your employees.


Reason 1: Empower employees

Changes and mistakes are inevitable. What matters most is how we react to them. When things go awry, a picture can be worth a thousand words. Empower your team not only communicate project updates and feedback but to use photos to document each phase of a project. After all, they’re the ones with their boots on the ground.


Reason 2: Increase productivity

It’s been found that construction workers are unproductive 50% of the time on-site because they’re waiting on materials or decisions. With real-time visual updates and documentation from your employees, you gain greater visibility into each project. And you can help remedy whatever challenges they may face, whilst increasing their ability to get each job done promptly.


Reason 3: Access a centralised information hub

You’re already tracking time, managing rosters and processing payroll with TSheets. Now you’ll be able to access crucial day-to-day, on-site and operational information within the same ecosystem, from any smart device, anywhere. You’re also ensuring that everyone is on the same page, minimising guesswork and confusion.


Attach photos in 3 easy steps!

  1. Go to My Time Card in your TSheets app
  2. Under Attachments, select ‘Take photo’ or ‘Select photo’
  3. Choose a photo, write a caption and press ‘Add Photo

That’s it! So go on, snap away and tell us what you think.


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