The TSheets Story

Every minute of every working hour—without a second thought—employees clock in and out using TSheets. Easy to use from anywhere and on any device, this is mobile-ready, GPS-enabled, crew-capable online timesheet technology to take business more places. With an office in Sydney plus spot-on reporting and management tools, TSheets takes care of complicated pay rates and regulations specific to Australia. From job costing to invoicing to payroll, be right on time. Every time. No worries.

How It All Started...

The lightbulb moment that sparked TSheets came amidst day-to-day operations of Matt Rissell's former business. With multiple locations and employees constantly on the go, tracking down timesheets—not to mention where and what employees were working on—became a nonstop pain and a productivity killer for Matt and his bookkeeper. Matt wanted online timesheets that offered speed, accuracy, mobility and real-time business-relevant details. So he went on an extensive search, and found nothing that quite did what he knew it could do. So he recruited genius programmer, Brandon Zehm, to create a custom solution and join him in developing TSheets from the ground up.

Over time, the go-anywhere time tracking solution became a phenomenon.

Meet Our Executive Team

Matt Rissell
Chief Executive Officer

Brandon Zehm
Chief Technology Officer

Jennifer Hetherington
SVP Marketing

J.D. Mullin
SVP Engineering

The Australia Team

Tony Rosier
Business Development Manager

Spiro Pissas
Country Manager

Kelsey Stanaway
Global Sales

Sandy Vo
Global Analyst

Dottie Chong
Global Copywriter

Rachel Munk
Global Customer Experience

Emma Records
Global Customer Experience

Shandara Hart
Global Customer Experience

Dominic Cooper
Global Customer Experience

...And The Rest of Our Team (and their families) in The States.

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