Every Superhero Needs a Plan

Queensland’s A1 Appliance Put TSheets Scheduling to the Test

Dan Power and his team are basically superheroes.

They don’t save lives, but they do like to get people out of a tight spot—and if you’ve ever had a fridge break down on a hot summer’s day, you’ll know what that feels like.

Every week, Dan and his crew at A1 Appliance travel thousands of kilometres all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast to come to the rescue of people facing a major domestic inconvenience because their oven has lost its spark, their washing machine is on the blink, or their dishwasher has packed up.

dishwashersWe’ve come to rely on these everyday timesavers so much that Dan and his team are on call from 8am every Saturday—as well as on weekdays—to provide a same-day repair service to as many as nine clients each a day. That’s a lot of broken fridges. (But, to be fair, they do work them hard in Queensland.)

Enter TSheets Scheduling…

Planning the Saturday shift roster used to be a weekly headache at A1 Appliance. It was hard for Dan and his business partner Adam to know who was going to be available, who had plans, and who could step in and provide cover at the last minute if they needed it. And if anyone’s plans changed, the whole process would start again. But after using TSheets for time tracking for several months, A1 recently became one of the first companies to start using TSheets’ new scheduling system, and the difference was immediate.

“We’re using the new scheduling feature in TSheets to help us plan a rolling rotation of Saturdays so we can plot out whose turn it is to work a Saturday shift,” Dan explains.

“It’s been working really well. Everyone knows who’s working each weekend, and if they need to make plans, they can either find a replacement or plot the shifts around them. It’s Adam who creates the roster, and he shares it to everyone through the TSheets app on their phones.”

commercialWith the team on the road all the time, Adam says being able to send everything out through TSheets’ mobile app has made life a lot easier.

Everyone’s on the Same Page

“We’ve found the iPhone app to be the easiest way to share the schedule,” he explains. “The team like to get their month’s roster and can plan their lives and activities around it. They know when they are working, and if something comes up, we can adjust it to suit.”

“I find the visual layout of the roster super helpful,” he adds. “I can see exactly where the gaps are and easily rearrange labour to suit. It’s very intuitive. I’ve had to make some adjustments to this month’s schedule and I found it easy to get the new information to the team.”

Another feature A1 has found helpful is the automated alerts that go out before each job starts, because the reminders go straight to employees’ phones with all the details of where they need to go and what they need to do for any given job. And the best thing? By tapping on the reminders, the team can clock straight into their time cards to track exactly how long each job takes.

Goodbye Whiteboard. Hello Cloud.

There has been one loser in all of this though: Adam says it could finally be time to take the old whiteboard down from the office wall.

“The new scheduling system saves us time by centralising our schedule and making it easy for the whole team to access it,” he explains. “We no longer have to write notes on the whiteboard or remember that one of the team is away. It’s all there.”

Is he finding other ways to use TSheets Scheduling?

“Yes, it’s also coming into its own with regard to holidays and days off so we can plan ahead and know who’s working and when.”

Easier. More accurate.

Looking back on the days before they used TSheets for time tracking, Dan adds:

“We used to have an old manual system where everyone would write their hours onto a paper timesheet, and everyone was always honest with that, but we find TSheets is much easier and more accurate.”

“We’ve been using TSheets a long time now and it’s always been very good.

“The best thing about TSheets for me is how easy it is to use and that’s especially important for the employees. We customised a few things and they all took to it well.

“The other thing I really like is the reporting we can do with TSheets, and the fact we can run those reports regularly. The guys here rarely make a mistake but when they do we can run a report to find it and easily fix it. The fact that everything is recorded helps too, if we ever need it as a backup, because we can see where everyone’s been when they’ve been working the hours.”

And does Adam agree that it helps to have all of this information at your fingertips?

“Very much so. I really like having one system that has our timesheets and schedule in the same place. It has made my job much simpler and easier to manage the workload.”

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