12 Ways TSheets is the Unique Timesheet Solution You’ve Been Searching For

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Timesheets and scheduling apps are a dime a dozen.

Everyone wants to track your time, and every solution promises to revolutionise your business by making your back office and payroll run faster, smoother and easier with those neatly delivered employee hours.

But what is it that makes TSheets special?

A lot, actually.

1. Free, World-Class Support

You don’t even have to take our word for it. Our customers love automated timesheets and scheduling with TSheets. We’re the #1 rated employee timesheet app for a reason: We are 100% dedicated to the idea that our customers’ success is the biggest benchmark of our own success. We consider TSheets a ‘policy-free zone’, so you’re not going to hear the phrase, ‘Sorry, ma’am, but that’s our policy.’ We’ll do what we need to do to help you out by phone, email or chat. We aren’t interested in having satisfied customers. We’re interested in having blissfully happy ones.

2. Timesheets + Scheduling in One App

In our opinion (and we have a sneaking suspicion yours too), the fewer apps you need to run your business, the better. A few other timesheet apps claim to offer scheduling, and a LOT of scheduling apps claim to offer timesheets. But when the rubber meets the road, you’ll find that one or the other solution is lacking. With TSheets, you’ll get fully functioning employee scheduling software and time tracking from the same app.

3. True Integrations

Other timesheet apps will give you your employee hours—and very little else. But since using your employee hours (for job and labour costing, invoicing, payroll and more) is the most critical part of tracking hours, that approach doesn’t cut it. At TSheets, we partner with the biggest names in accounting, payroll and expense tracking including QuickBooks, Xero, Reckon, Sage, Square and Expensify, so you can put your employee hours to work easily and quickly.

4. Bases = Covered

Behind all the hype, many other timesheet apps are little more than a stopwatch. With TSheets, you’ll get timesheets that cover all your bases. The Who’s Working Window lets you see where employees are located and what they’re working on in real time. Notifications alert managers if an employee hasn’t clocked into a shift or job as scheduled. Easy-to-read and simple-to-run reports show you hours, job codes and projects at a glance.

5. Open API

Do you want to integrate your software with TSheets? You can do that. We want to make the TSheets experience as easy and seamless as possible. If there’s an integration we don’t offer, we’re 100% on board with helping you create it!

6. Bugs? What bugs?

Don’t be caught up by a fancy new app, especially if it doesn’t have the reviews and clout to back up its claims. That app won’t be quite so pretty when it crashes or the bugs start creeping out. TSheets has celebrated 10 years in business. We’re in this for the long haul, and we’re in the business of perfecting timesheets for business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers like you.

7. Time Off and Break Tracking

TSheets offers the unique ability to manage time off and employee breaks from our mobile app. Employees can log time off using their smartphones, and they can easily take a break from their timecards. Managers can see time off and breaks taken in the big picture of employee hours, all from one simple dashboard. And they can see who’s on a break in real time from the Who’s Working window!

8. Zero Setup Costs

Surprises are the worst when it comes to paying for a service, which is why what you see is what you get on our pricing page. There’s no setup cost, and if you decide to pay annually, you’ll pay just $20 per month, plus $5 per user—that’s it. Want to add Scheduling? It’s $2 per user. See? No surprises.

9. Inclusive Pricing

Being taken for a ride gets old fast. TSheets stands apart from the competition by giving you inclusive pricing. Get full use from our product without paying for extras like GPS tracking or reporting. It’s all included.

10. Free Employee Onboarding and Training

One of the biggest challenges of introducing a new timesheet method is getting your employees on board. But TSheets stands apart from the crowd by offering FREE employee onboarding and training. We’ll do all the work and show your staff just how easy it is to use TSheets to track hours and stay on schedule.

11. FlexForce—One to Be Reckoned With

Have a seasonal business with casual employees? TSheets has you covered. With our unique FlexForce feature, you’ll only be billed for your active users. Because who wants to pay for employees who aren’t actively working during the slow season?

12. Swag

Not to brag, but our swag is the best. This isn’t a joke. Have you FELT our T-shirts? They’re the softest. If you only knew, you’d be dialing up our customer service team like this:

Good news, though: We give them away like candy to our BFFs/customers.

See for Yourself!

We get it. Seeing is believing. Which is why we’d like to invite you to take TSheets Time Tracking and Scheduling for a spin, for free, right now.

Go on, give us a try! (Click on Richard Gere.)